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TeleNeuropsychological Assessment

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, teleneuropsychological services have been initiated. This allows for the patient to attain a neuropsychological evaluation in a safe manner from home through a HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform.  


Like the face-to-face testing method, an initial intake is conducted to gather information regarding the patient's background history including medical, developmental, psychiatric, academic, and family history as well as presenting concerns.  


In addition, general at-home requirements will be discussed and reviewed during this time.  Patients will need:  access to a computer/ipad with consistent bandwidth and efficient screen sizes (smartphones cannot be used for testing), a private area with a table or hard surface to write on, an area free of distractions, and writing materials.  It is important to mirror a face-to-face testing method as much as possible.  Thus, parents of children undergoing testing will be asked to leave the room once testing has started, but will need to stay near in case the child needs assistance or connection has been lost.  A plan will be put into place regarding the latter.


Based on this information, it will be determined whether this method of testing is appropriate.  For example, some children may be too young, or a client may be too emotionally labile, unstable, or dysregulated for a telehealth assessment.  In this case, a face to face appointment will be offered once Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.  

Next, the testing portion of the evaluation is completed through a Telehealth platform.  Some patients can complete the testing in one day, and some will need an additional day(s).  This is dependent on the patient's fatigue, attention, age, etc.  After testing, a feedback session is scheduled.  This generally occurs about 1-2 weeks later through the Telehealth platform. During this session, test results are reviewed and discussed along with a treatment/intervention plan.  

Working with Laptop

Teleneuropsychological assessment, like in-office testing, is comprehensive in scope and allows for evaluation of intellectual skills, attention and executive control processes, learning and memory, visual-spatial skills, language, sensory-motor skills, social and emotional functioning as well as academic/achievement skills.  

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